How Pixi Mascara Saved My Life

You think I’m kidding?

I’m not. Pixi mascara doesn’t just look good, it is a time machine. It has opened doors I thought long closed. I, my friends, am a new person.

First, and most importantly, Pixi mascara allows me to stop manically curling my lashes. Before I discovered it, I would probably grab the eyelash curler 3 or 4 times a day, depending on how often I crossed paths with my make-up bag, and pop it over my stubborn lashes and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Because, you see, my lashes would not stay curled. I tried what seemed like every mascara under the sun. Nothing worked for more than 15 or 20 minutes..

I have such straight lashes that tend to point downward, into my eyes. So I’m not just giving them a 45 degree bend, I’m trying to to achieve a 180 to 270 degree curve. Of course it never works. Here’s a pic using my previous brand of mascara after only a couple minutes. Not too impressive.

Now granted, I don’t spend a whole lot of time on this. I don’t really wear that much make-up. To my make-up-artist in training, I’m all but a blank slate: “Put some make-up on, Mom.”

“I AM wearing make-up!”

(and I really am.)

When I asked her to take these close-ups, she said “Pile it on. You can’t even see it!” Whereas when I actually saw the close-ups I was appalled at how much there appeared to be.

There were many other things I was appalled by, don’t get me wrong: the hooded lids, the crepe paper skin, the stray eyebrows, etc. etc. But whatever.

After about 15 years of using various mascaras that allowed my lashes to stay curled for about 10 minutes before pointing straight out, I picked up a tube of Pixi at target.

It’s not Target-cheap though; it was $18. I was aware of the Pixi brand (and their prices) after having switched from Benetint to Pixi cheek gel several years ago based on the simple virtue that Pixi’s clear red cheek gel looked like Benetint, but didn’t come as a liquid in that Godforsaken glass vial — which I had, on more than one occasion, broken all over my bathroom floor.

Not only did the Pixi cheek gel work just as good, it took up less space in my bag (always a plus) and never dripped on my boob when I applied it (don’t underestimate the importance of this). In short, I love it. I’m on my second tube and each lasts over a year. Well worth the price of $18 — yes, the same as the mascara.)

So, I’m sure you are wondering how Pixi mascara saved my life. Now that I’m knee deep into this story, it does seem a bit heavy-handed, “Saved my life…” How about “Changed my life?” Let’s go with that.

Anyway, I do a lot of standing around in the make-up aisles at Target, but not a lot of buying, because frankly, it all seems rather pointless at 46. Sort of a lost cause… Ironically, late last year, I was mailed a Pixi catalog. A tiny little booklet of marketing wonder promising the most amazing (and ludicrous) things. I read it cover to cover. I was absolutely absorbed by it. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the first person testimonial format they used. Maybe it was wishful thinking. But still.

I come from an advertising background. I’m jaded. And I’m old. I’ve been around the block a few times.

So, in the end, I believed none of it. Not. A. Single. Word.

Until the mascara.




The catalogue said, and I quote: “lash-lifting,” and “With my straight lashes this is the ONLY mascara that holds the curl all day.”

I didn’t believe it. The fact that I still bought it had more to do with the fact that I had hemmed and hawed over the concealers and brightening creams I had read about in the catalogue for so long, couldn’t decide on any of them and grabbed a tube of mascara instead. I actually needed new mascara and I figured, “How bad could it be?”

Now, I could write the testimonial for the catalogue. I could be the spoke person.

The problem is… now… I am finding myself… wanting to believe everything I read! Covergirl Simply Ageless! Yes! Maybelline Highlighting Concealer! Yes! I’ll take two! …wait, isn’t that an oxymoron? Highlighting Concealer? never mind… Unibrows Worry Line Divot Remover! Yes! I mean, no, but I wish.

So you can see my dilemma, can you not? I’m a changed woman. But this is not necessarily a good thing.


[UPDATE TO POST ON 1/21/2012]

Well, now I know what interests you guys. Man, what a bunch of make-up grubbing lunatics you are.

Anyway, in my haste to get this ridiculous entry posted, I left out one teeny weeny detail:

If you haven’t yet run out to Target to pick up the Pixi, add this to your list.

You will need it.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Cheryl Roal Heckel says

    Really, what a difference! I hardly ever where mascara and I hate curling (pulling) my lashes! I may actually try this, though, seeing as my once black lashes have faded to a medium borwn…

  2. says

    ha! Is this a first comment for both of you guys? Maybe I’ve HOOKED you! All I can tell you is that while I was writing this, Dave kept coming in and looking at the gigantic close ups of my eye on my screen. He finally snarled out a, “What are you doing?” When I told him I was writing a post on mascara he said “no comment.”

    So I’m glad you guys at least have a comment.

  3. Linnea says

    You’ve convinced ME to try it! I’ve spent too many years envying the beautiful lashed my children (yes, especially Ben!) obviously inherited from their father!

  4. Liz says

    I will have to try this mascara! I too have stick straight eye lashes that drive me crazy. People with nicely curved eyelashes have no idea what a pain in the butt they are. I always curl them first then put on waterproof mascara. It has to be waterproof or it doesn’t hold the curl. I know waterproof can be hard on the eyelashes so I’m excited to try this. Thanks Jenni, you might have saved my life too!

  5. says

    I was just talking to April and she said “where’s the joke? I was waiting for the joke.” I, too, am waiting for the joke. I think the answer is that my whole life is a joke and this is just a part of it. :)

  6. says

    I, too, have stubbornly straight lashes and am intrigued… but… How does it last – not the curl, but the mascara? I’ve given up on all but ONE Clinique kind because they all seem to smudge as the day goes on, above and below. Any issues with the pixi on that front? Also, boys are dumb and don’t get the HUGE IMPORTANCE of mascara. Seriously, they have no idea. Women, though? Oh, yeah. We all know how important it is.

  7. says

    holy cats. I should change this blog to a make-up review site! One thing I neglected to mention, because… well I just ran out of time and I needed to get the damn thing posted:

    IF you buy this mascara you MUST also buy EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. Because while I’ve had plenty ‘O waterproof mascaras, I’ve never had one like this. Maybe you have, but not me. I have never, ever failed to get mascara off with soap and water, but that won’t work with this stuff. Nope. Neutrogena eye make up remover is now a good friend of mine. I had a dandy picture of the stuff, but I just left that whole bit out.


  8. Julie says

    Ok Jen, you wanted me to post it, so here I go. I bought the mascara and hated it! I don’t have to curl my eyelashes, so maybe that is why. It is almost impossible to get off! I haven’t worn it in two days and there are still rembrents on my eyelashes! And yes, I did buy the makeup remover! I never have liked waterproof mascara, so maybe that is another reason why. So, if any of you do buy it and don’t like it, Target will take it back, however you have to say you are allergic to it or they won’t take it back! But, it does look fabulous on you!!

  9. lisa kingrey johnson says

    hey….just read this post jennie. im gonna go buy it because i like that after i try to get all the mascara off some is left over on my lashes then i can wear that for the next day!

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