IMG 2064 So...It’s been — what? Two weeks? Three weeks?

Did you miss me?

According to my loving and supportive brother, there is likely no one out there anymore TO miss me. And that’s, well… that’s totally understandable. And I’d have to say it’s hard to believe there was ever anyone in the first place, so it’s a good thing I’ve got roving spam bots to keep me company.

I’m not going to go on and on about how busy I’ve been. We’re all busy. I mean, I’m almost 100% sure I’m busier than you, but you don’t want to hear that, do you? You wouldn’t believe me anyway. Because you are equally 100% sure you are busier than me. Right?

What in Heaven’s name are we doing to ourselves?¬†And we all pretend we are all just FINE.

“How’s your summer going?”

“Oh. Just W O N D E R F U L. YOU?”


I actually don’t say that. Just ask my poor friends. It’s a wonder I have friends at all.

“How’s your summer going?”

“Pretty crappy really. Not relaxing at all. I’m hoping August is better. Oh, it’s fine, really, I’m just saying it’s not what I picture summer as being….”

And then I go in to this long diatribe about all the wonderful things I do for everyone but myself. All but negating the whole idea of the Happy Helper. The Selfless Giver. The biblical Good Samaritan.

It’s just not in the cards. I do try. But you would never know I try. I’ve never made it past saying “it’s fine.” Not once. Not even to someone I don’t know.

I can’t begin to imagine what kind of little old lady I will be.

But really. Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing? Driving my kids all over to Hell and back in the name of what? Never-ending to-do lists? Guilt that piles on top of guilt that piles on top of guilt? Is it really that important to grow my own damn sugar snap peas? Does the pumpkin patch seriously need to be perfectly weed free? Really?

Do I really need to understand iTunes Home Sharing? Really?

Is that extra $5 off the shoes I am hunting for online really justify the 2.5 hours I spent looking? Really?

Does Crow River Soccer really need a pretty web site? Really?

Maybe I’m being too nostalgic.

Could we ever really go back to the 80′s? Before cable TV? Before computers and iphones and the need to stay plugged in all the time? The crazy need to return a call or an email within an hour of receipt? The need to google every stupid question that comes up in conversation?*

When kids played outside?

And moms had coffee together?

And happy hour started at 4 pm daily?

Or was that just my mom?

Ha ha. Just kidding mom.

And no, I don’t just need a vacation. Because I’m going on a vacation soon and that just adds to the stress. And coming back from vacation is worse than getting ready to go. And when you add those two together, don’t they more than negate the wonderful time you were away? When you were in your car with the MiFi on, doing work in between towns big enough to warrant 3G, while the kids are in the back watching movies, playing online games and facebooking and complaining about the crappy Verizon data coverage?

While we are on a “CAMPING” trip!**

I know what you are thinking.

That I’m just a bad parent.

Or a cry baby.

Or a complainer.

Well you’d be right.

I ask you again: Did you miss me?***

IMG 2111 So...

*Nope. Couldn’t give up Google. I love it.

**You think I am kidding? Just wait. Road Trip #3 is coming soon.

***If so, I have included the only photos taken of me all year from fourth of July in Hayward. –When I happily blew off every commitment on my to-do list for 6 days and have been martyrishly paying the price ever since. If not, please disregard.


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12 comments to So…

  • laurie

    I’m with ya’. We Americans are making ourselves sick and driving ourselves crazy – all in the name of “getting ahead” when along the way, we aren’t even iiving very well. (and I’m not referring to “standard of living” – we all do that really well cause we’re like US Govt. – I’m referring to the act itself). Hey Menke …don’t get me started!!!!! Anyway, your pictures make look relaxed.

  • I know! Those relaxed pictures are what we call IRONY! (and also why you should never be envious of other people’s supposed lives. Pictures are worth a thousand words and also very misleading and false most of the time!!)

  • Jeanne Strand

    I missed you! Really. I checked your site numerous times last week. When I kept getting the ‘yellow orbs of death’ I was sure that my cache or cookies were frozen on that page (that is my lame attempt at sounding computer literate) and I was missing out on new babbles!! So glad to hear you have merely been in mental/physical/crazy crisis.
    I love reading your entries! They make me smile:)
    Tell your bro that you have a fan here in Princeton.

  • Jeanne Strand

    and by the way… everything here in Princeton is “fine”.

  • Laura Elder (Bigelow)

    SERIOUSLY! I was starting to wonder if you threw in the towel but, being a fairly new subscriber, thought you may take a chunk of the summer “off”.
    I just got back from two weeks in Minnesota. I saw my friends and family for a few minutes. The rest of the time they were driving their sport utility vehicles loaded with kids, hockey gear, baseball stuff, soccer balls, across town, in traffic, from one game or practice to the next…
    It was great to be home but you guys are RAMPED UP :).
    Come vist me in small town Maine! It’s a trip.
    Thanks for making me laugh and yes, I did miss you.

  • Laura! I DO want to visit you in Maine!! You are DEAD ON about us being RAMPED UP. Out here in Watertown, even I am insulated from the insanity that is Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and the like. I honestly think it’s PEER PRESSURE that makes us do this to ourselves and our kids. What made sports the God that we all bow down to? Mine certainly aren’t going anywhere after high school with them, as I’ve gotta believe is the situation with most. I run the soccer program out here, and we try to keep it low key but still.

    rant rant rant. I’m outta breath. I’ve got to go get another iced coffee.

    (I missed you too!)

  • Hi Jeanne! You sound VERY professional. Can I hire you to do a website for Mark Thomas? He’s been at the top of my current guilt list for a few weeks now. I say I am waiting for his feedback, but I also know he is waiting for me. Not sure what to do about that… So I’ve decided to just do nothing and feel guilty about it. Don’t you love being raise Catholic?!

    How is your asparagus looking after the replant??

  • This from my friend Mike who receives posts via RSS and replies via email:

    So, I have a question…

    Last night I weeded my unplanted garden. Is it too late to plant? Could I take advantage of those 50% off deals at Home Depot on planted vegetable plants?

    My Answer:
    It depends. If we have a late first frost you could have some success. Honestly, my pumpkin patch only germinated about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had to replant seeds TWICE! Bean plants will produce in time, peppers, if they already have blossoms will produce. Tomatoes are ‘iffy’ but if cheap enough, worth trying. Broccoli, lettuce… all those will still produce. Good luck!

  • Laurie

    hey … leave Minnetonka out of it! Surely, we’re not driven to achieve the unachieveable …. right.

  • Relax. You are technically the sleepy sister of Minnetonka, right? Excelsior is NOTHING like Minnetonka! And then there’s your hockey prodigy Tatianna. She WILL be doing something past high school, so you can disregard all smugly superior judgement.

  • Stacy

    I can relate to having about 5 pictures per YEAR that I am in. I usually am the one with the camera. But as I look back over the years I am often “absent.” At least you look good and relaxed in these two. August will be our summer, with soccer, gymnastics and swimming completed. Please do not look any of my gardens as they are filled with weeds!!:)
    Enjoy August!

  • amy burke

    I missed you

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