The Good News Is: I Am Not Dead

And that’s about the only good news.

I’d love to rant and rave about all KINDS of blog posts that I have written in my head as I go from one crisis to another, always 7-19 minutes late for everything, but I don’t have time. Charlie has to ref in about 30 minutes, Morgan has to coach alone for the first time ever, more shingles just flew off the roof, I forgot to order net clips for the soccer goals, Dave just left for fishing (please don’t come and kill me), and the cat is sleeping on my keyboard making all of this a lot more difficult…

So here is a round up of the blog worthy things that I might have enjoyed writing about in the last month since the carnage:


OK, so I guess that was a good day.

…was a mess this year. Due to our crazy warm March things were greening up and my annual burning wasn’t done in a timely fashion. I did finally manage to get the dead stuff cut down, but the weeds are going nuts.

The asparagus doesn’t seem to mind. I’m giving it out by the armload once again. So, if you can think of a reason to visit me…

This year — yesterday, in fact — I made my first ever asparagus soup. It was the most vile looking gloop you’ve ever seen. But it tasted good…


(and need to sell my old one…) Here is a tribute to the cooktop that has taken me through 17 chaotic years. Goodbye old friend:

[Look for it on Craig’s List soon!]


(and pretty pictures of bread made for people other than my family. Very bitter children, have I)

It’s a 6-burner BlueStar. So far, so good. It’s HOT!

And for the Piece de Resistance (that makes no sense, I just wanted to say it):


Or perhaps I should call it My NOT Garden.

Or my Garden Not YET.

And that is why I must go now.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I am now all caught up on my blogging.

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  1. Heyjami says

    Ha! Hilarious! Wondered what happened to you. Then I remembered my own end-of-school-year-hurricane and had pity. Here are some topics to hit: pinterest, we need an update on the hair straightening (did it last), did the quilting bug hit you yet? fabric seems so YOU. Happy Spring Jen!

  2. Cheryl says

    My boyfriend John and I were walking through a county park hear, near Madison, earlier this month. On a trail, a man was approaching us, and when he was close enough he pulled his hands out of his hoodie pockets and said ‘Look what I found!’ He was holding two fistfuls of morels! John asked him ‘Where did you find those?’ I laughed and said ‘Like he’s gonna tell you!’ And of course he didn’t! :-)

  3. Sheila says

    You have been busy. Nice new stove top… beautiful morels… wish I still lived on fountain lake – i would toodle on over to get asparagus… then again… its mighty windy right now in the big city … may just be too windy for me out yonder on the prarie.

  4. Cheryl says

    I can’t believe I did it again. I am an official member of the spelling police and I think I’m losing my touch! :-(

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