Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

What an amazing discovery. All these amazingly cool and nice people read the stupid stuff I write. They actually cook some of the recipes I post. It’s utterly baffling.

And wonderfully flattering.

And very guilt provoking when I’m not timely at updating.

And terribly frightening. What horrible things have I written about again? Good thing I can’t remember pretty much everthing or I wouldn’t even be able to look people in the eyes anymore. Poor Dave.

(for new readers, we like to work “Poor Dave” into the occasional post as a celebration and honor to my husband who, in his ever loving and constant devotion, has to put up with me). Hopefully new readers will also know where to place my witty sarcasm.

Anyway, I so wish I could just cut and paste some soccer emails here just so you could see the inanity that I deal with this time of year. Hundreds of mind-numing emails a day:

emails Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

Filled with mind numbing questions… and helpless people… and….

I digress. I digress. I digress.

What I really wanted to talk about was my annual post about mud.

And rain.

And snow.

And my car.

suburban in garage Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

…which is filthy. But not nearly as filthy as it could be, given our recent weather.

And that thing hanging off the bottom?

worm on surburban in garage Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

…I’m pretty sure is a worm.

And my driveway.

mud on driveway1 Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

… that the FedEx truck got stuck in a few days ago.

And the reason

garbage cans Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

…that we had to drag the garbage all the way to the top of the God-forsakken very long and muddy driveway.

Which is responsible for

mud on suburban in garage Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

…this extra stash of mud I like to carry around on my running boards.

That is, no doubt, the source

potholes in driveway Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

… of the worm.

Think Spring!


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7 comments to Tired of the Eggroll Post Yet?

  • kevin

    well… maybe it *was* a worm.

  • Michelle

    Now THIS is a post I can relate to, instead of blah, blah, blah about the Macbook!

  • Stacy

    After reading this I will make an effort to: not send you any soccer emails and wash my car! :)

  • @Kevin: yes. I stand corrected. WAS a worm. :)
    @Michelle: yes. I know you can relate. And your car is probably more dirty than mine.
    @Stacy: good plan.

  • Is it crazy that I just clicked on an ad on my own website? It was TITLE NINE! I LOVE Title Nine! I wish it was on there ALL the time. Well, maybe not. I’d probably go broke.

  • Jami

    I know you missed your favorite stalker! You’re a permanent member of my forever memories – you taught me how to make bread! Anyway, just wanted to tell you that your barn is gorgeous! Mud sucks.

  • …and the mud hasn’t ended. We’ve had rain, rain, rain. The charity polo event that I work on every year was held this weekend. They couldn’t play the game because of the mud and standing water on the field. It was so sad.

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