Inspired Chair Re-Covering. (aka: avoiding window washing.)

BOO! Happy Halloween!

I am in the midst of window washing.

After a particularly (exhaustive? efficient? accomplished?) (i can’t think of the word . thank you menopause.) Saturday and Sunday of window washing last weekend, I took a break. I figured I should work on weekdays. And, to be honest, I’m mostly waiting for my new credit with because why wash windows if you can’t listen to a good book at the same time.?

So this weekend was shaping up to be perfect for finishing the task. Only, when it came time to fill my bucket,

I suddenly found myself in the garden. I’m not sure how that happened. Was I emptying the compost and suddenly realized the garlic needed to get planted?

I couldn’t tell you.

But I rationalized it by telling myself it was a beautiful day for garden chores, and not a day to be inside washing windows. You see, I finished all the windows that I could get to on the ladders and now needed to finish the highest ones by repelling down the side of the house from the chimney.

I’m kidding.

But only barely.

I hang out the window, stepping on the mini-roof outside each of the remaining casements upstairs to wash the outsides. It’s not a ton a fun. Which makes it rife for procrastination.

Anyway, all day long I said I’d get to the windows. After I planted the garlic. After I cleaned up the tomatoes. After I burned the pumpkin vines. After, after after! But I didn’t. Here are all the things I did instead once I came inside:

1) Cleaned out my broom closet. (I know. It doesn’t look all that tidy. But trust me. It’s an improvement.)

2) Cleaned out Dave’s coat closet.

Yes, you read that right. Dave’s closet. He has a jacket fetish and a whole closet dedicated to the debauchery. Only now he’s telling me he’s going to install yet another closet in the lower garage for his hunting stuff. Because, you know — duh — it just doesn’t make sense for it to be in the upstairs closet. [Full disclosure: as you can see in the picture, Dave’s closet has been somewhat cannibalized by Charlie’s airsoft supplies and the cat box. Which is, admittedly, gross.]

3) Cleaned out the laundry supply drawer. (Again, hard to see the point here, but it made me happy to swab out a year’s worth of powdery detergent spills and find home for the odds and ends that find their way into this drawer.)

And it was still only 5 pm! I had loads of time before I had to start dinner, right? So what did I do? I decided to re-cover the mildly disgusting office chair.

It’s pretty bad:

Inspired by a recent HowAboutOrange tutorial I decided to give it a try. I mean, I didn’t even know you could recover an chair like that. But of course you can, and it was pretty simple!

Only, you must remember this about me: I: 1) don’t plan, and  2) don’t go to the store. So I had to make do with upholstery fabric I had on hand, which left me these fabrics to choose from:


The obvious choice should have been the middle one: a neutral gray green. I had enough of it, but was conflicted for two reasons. First, it is the fabric I used to re-cover the camper cushions and it would be nice to have this in case of a rip or something. Second, I just thought it was too safe and boring.

But I didn’t have enough of the two I really liked: the red/gold or the tan/green/blue, which left me a choice between the gold and the plaid. Sorry, no plaid in the office, so by default it had to be the gold.


It took a total of about 2 hours. And I have to say, I kinda like it!

Even though now I can see it’s a bit off center. Frankly, I didn’t really think about that until now. I don’t plan, remember?

Thanks for the idea Howaboutorange!



  1. Sheila says

    Looks very nice. My chair won’t go up and down anymore so I have been sitting on a fitness ball for 3 months. Time for me to get off the ball and fix the stupid chair.

  2. says

    Jane, that’s pretty funny. At first I thought you were referring to my new ugly chair as a “window bucket with wheels!” laugh laugh laugh.

    That window bucket with wheels is THE BEST! I LOVE IT! I got it here:

    (and that’s the wonder of Quicken & the internet: search my Mac for “window washing”, found the transaction, googled the name and viola!

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