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I'm back. And I'm attempting to do some voodoo magic (let's see how Google handles that one in my opening lines) by combining my "work-work" site and my neglected blog site into one giant party. The success of this venture will depend upon a complex algorithm involving the angle of the sun, el-ninó and the strength of my wireless signal to reach the screen porch. Marvel at my progress and ridicule my efforts as you see fit. :)

Flowers, Cats & Weeds

chartreuse bouquet

Bouquets in my house are cyclical: snowball viburnums (my favorite), followed by lilacs (my favorite), then peonies (my favorite)… and then there is a lull. I’m in the lull. I cobble together whatever I can make look good. I’ve got a couple borage blossoms with some immature hydrangeas (my favorite), Lady’s Mantle (my favorite) and two stems of peonies that — if you bump — will fall apart because they are pretty much almost dead. After this, I’ll hope for lots of sunflowers (my favorite). But, as summer progresses, I’m less good about cutting flowers. Not sure why. I always regret it when they are gone.


Anyway, on to another subject: I’m done picking the asparagus. It was a good run. I was toying with the idea of replanting some new crowns, since mine are almost 20 years old now and seem to be slowing down. But seriously. I give 7/8ths of it away. My asparagus could get a whole lot worse than it is now and I’d still have enough to force on the UPS man. So that items gets crossed off the list.

I love crossing things off the list.

I think I might have mentioned weeding the asparagus in the last post. Something to the effect that I would weed after the next significant rain. Since it has rain significantly just about every other day in the past month, I really have no excuse.

I began the process this weekend.

unweeded asparagus bed
unweeded asparagus bed

This is not weeding for the faint-of-heart. It requires digging and lifting and shaking and swearing. Lots of swearing. Cuz that’s what you do when the weed breaks off instead of: slowly… slowly… giving way as you pull… pull… it’s coming… uhhhhh…. slowly… YES!

[That’s what successful weeding should sound like in your head.]

partially weeded asparagus
partially weeded asparagus

When it sounds like this: slowly… slowly… giving way… it’s coming… SNAP. Then you yell, “SHIT.” And wipe your dripping face off with a muddy glove (so it looks like you are reeeeally working hard when your Dave comes out to see what you are doing).

I didn’t finish all the beds because we had a grad party in another time zone to blast off to.

I don't know if it makes any difference, but I don't throw weeds in the compost. I let it rain into the wheelbarrow, then wait for them to start to decompose, then wheel them into the woods. Why don't I do it right away?
I don’t know if it makes any difference, but I don’t throw weeds in the compost. I let it rain into the wheelbarrow, then wait for them to start to decompose. When the whole mess gets really, really stinky, I dump the now 3x heavier load into the woods.

Leaving weeding unfinished is always a bit of a gamble. Will it ever get done? I’m going to try to finish it up today because, well… it rained another inch this morning. So I have no excuse.

This is where I left my tools on Saturday. Today, they are muddy and wet from another inch of rain. Why don't I ever put my toys away?
This is where I left my tools on Saturday. Today, they are muddy and wet from another inch of rain. Why don’t I ever put my toys away?

But here’s the thing about weeding — any weeding, really. It is so supremely SATISFYING. Who among us has not spent an afternoon weeding who didn’t then go way, way out of their way to walk past the weeded area and stand there and simply admire it? In my case it goes on for several days.

Is it me or is this simply gorgeous?
Is it me or is this simply gorgeous?

I tend to stop doing that about the time the weeds show up again.

Actually. This whole process pretty much sums up the definition of insanity, now that I think about it.

Mooshie comes in for some hot and humid fur-to-skin transfer
Mooshie comes in for some hot and humid fur-to-skin transfer

In an effort to appeal to a wider audience, here are some more cat pictures.

Ollie helps me wash lettuce
Ollie helps me wash lettuce
Ollie helps me fold the blanket
Ollie helps me unfold the blanket
Ollie helps me fold the laundry
Ollie helps me fold the laundry
Ollie helps me put new sheets on the bed
Ollie helps me put ‘clean’ sheets on the bed.



When Money is No Object

Isn't this pretty lettuce? This is what lettuce that is properly thinned will look like. I only achieve this when I transplant already-started seeds. I'm bad at tough love when it comes to direct seeded lettuce.

We gardeners love to act like we are all frugal — growing our own veggies, you know! Oh, don’t you? It’s really not that hard… Wouldn’t you like to harvest your own organic veggies? It’s SO healthy! And cheap!

Just another Tuesday


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A Menke-Child Chore, Resurrected


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I’m leaving town tomorrow, so…

radish seedlings hiding under old tomato cages to keep the cats out.

It’s time to frantically plant the garden. I don’t know what it is about going out of town that flips some switch in my brain and makes me decide to get done what I have not gotten done in the comparatively long and more open days prior to this, but it happens every time. Like […]

Mother’s Day Haul


I was stunned speechless by the card taped to my computer this morning: And not because it’s a scary picture. Yes, I know that it is, but that’s not my point. It’s because it was a card from Charlie that I must have guilted him into creating last night by reminding him that he did nothing for me […]

End of Summer Garden Round-up


Well, the thought that I might write more this summer kind of fizzled. I’ve been ‘work-working’ more and I’ve got a lot of other commitments that just seem to take over. Nothing changes about my desire to write and stay current, it’s just those pesky clients! I do find myself thinking a couple times a […]

Road Warriors 5. Conclusion!

kakabeka falls

August 19th 2013 So, yeah. Apparently my journal ended yesterday. What can I say. I’m getting old. I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. But still. It’s always just a little shocking for me to realize just how little I actually remember. I always think, “Oh, I’ll remember that.” But aside from some snippets, I remember […]

Road Warriors 5, day 6


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Road Warriors 5, Day 5: The Fight


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