Picking Raspberries is Never Lonely

I confess: I don’t actually mind picking raspberries even though I pretend that is it a huge ordeal (It is.). That it takes a really long time. (It does.) And that I have tons of other pressing things to do. (I do.)


If you happen to be listening to a good book on Audible, and the sun is shining… really: how bad can it be?

(I don’t really want Dave to know this, so please don’t tell him. It works in my favor to have this to hang over his head for those Sundays that he is forced to dust.)

So, it is raspberry time of year again. Mine ripen in the fall. Most others seem to have them in the summer, but I like fall berries. That way, I don’t curse (as much) when I’m making jam and heating up the house with my stove and boiling water for canning. I cannot imagine having to do that in July and August.

We’ve had fresh berries for well over a month now, but it is just today that I’m filling up my picking basket that holds about 16 cups.

I remember when my kids would eat four cups of berries in a single sitting. They don’t eat them as much anymore. They OD’d I guess. So most go into jam.

If you live nearby, the offer stands: come on over and pick some. Just don’t complain when you find you are not alone:

(He’s big, by the way. Maybe an inch and a half long in the body alone!)

And my favorite, who hopped away before I could get a better picture:

OK, OK. I gotta go work now. Cuz Lord knows I’ll be picking more raspberries in another 2 days.


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  1. says

    Ooooo, spidey :)!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous berries!

    I was forced to pick raspberries as a child and hated it. I did and still do not like heat/humidity (Ohio). But now I live in northwest Montana…still I remember my “company” being wasps.

    I know Watertown and have been through it twice! If I was near, I would certainly call (I’m 57 now and can deal with spidey and other creepy crawlies…)

    Last Winter, I made my first homemade jam/marmalade since helping my mother and grandmother as a child. I wholeheartedly agree that it is much better doing that or any canning – when it is cool!

    Liz in Montana

  2. says

    Well that is something my kids won’t be able to say because I never make them do it. I should though… Last year we let them sell what they picked. They brought them to the end of our road and made good money. But they are too cool for that this year. I do wish you could come pick. Ohhhh how I wish. Plus, my wasps are all tame and don’t sting. I’m wondering though if you are thinking I’m in Watertown South Dakota. It’s much more well-known the tiny Watertown MN. Do your remember which you went thru?

  3. says

    Ha…went through neither and you can laugh because I would… I looked at your travel map for this year’s road warrior series…saw Watertown and never paid attention to the state. I got in my head that it was Watertown, NY since I’ve been there… DESPITE the very clear map and the 20 hour drive to MT which would be impossible from NY. I didn’t actually know there was a Watertown SD OR MN…

    Yep, I hear you laughing!

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